There’s a lot of confusion around this question, and I get this question all the time. People want to know, do they have the right to speak to an attorney, to work with an attorney in deciding whether or not they should take a breath test after they’re arrested for DWI/DUI in New Jersey? Can they call anybody? Do they get a phone or a phone book, anything like that? Well, the answer in New Jersey is simply no. The obligation to take a chemical test is actually covered by something called the implied consent law. Just by driving a car in the state of New Jersey, you’re agreeing that if you’re ever properly arrested for DWI/DUI in New Jersey, you will submit to a chemical test of your breath. You can choose not to do so. But if you do, there are consequences and penalties for that. The police have to read you an implied consent form. And in that standard form statement, that warning actually does show your rights and obligations with regards to the breath test, including the fact that you do not have a right to an attorney. The implied consent form in paragraph seven, says you have no legal right to have an attorney, physician, or anyone else present for the purpose of taking the breath samples. And you have no legal right to refuse to give or delay giving samples of your breath. You don’t have a right to an attorney before deciding whether to give samples of your breath in New Jersey and just keep in mind that if you choose not to do so, there are penalties for it.