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What to do if stopped after drinking in New York or New Jersey?

As DWI/DUI Attorneys, we are often asked what to do if an officer stops you after you have been drinking.

Always be courteous throughout your interaction with law enforcement. I recommend taking the following steps to maximize the chance of success in a DWI/DUI charge:

1.     Do NOT admit to drinking any alcohol or visiting any drinking establishments. 

Politely decline to answer any questions. You can say, “My lawyer advised that I never answer these questions.” If you do answer, the officer will put anything you say to him in his report. This information will later be used against you in the prosecution of your case.

2.     Refuse ALL Sobriety Tests. 

This includes the “Eye Test,” Walk and Turn, and One-Leg Stand.

3.     Do NOT agree to take a Breath or Blood Test.

Note: The officer will read you a form telling you that your license will be suspended for refusing these tests. I do NOT recommend taking these tests as the equipment used is subject to mechanical and human error. If the test shows that you are 0.08 or higher, your license WILL be suspended, and the prosecutor will use these tests against you!

We take calls on nights, weekends, and holidays to ensure timely information on your case. This allows us to provide intake sheets while the information is fresh in your mind.

Police Departments have a special task force specializing in DWI/DUI Arrests. These officers are specially trained in DWI/DUI detection and testifying to prosecute a DWI/DUI case. Following these rights and contacting our office as soon as possible increases your chances of succeeding in any DWI/DUI charges you face by utilizing a DWI/DUI Attorney focused on defending DWI/DUI cases.

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