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Honest, Transparent & Trusted DWI Defense Lawyers in New York & New Jersey

Are you currently facing a DWI? Don’t know where to begin or what steps you need to take next?

At The Kugel Law Firm, we are focused on providing aggressive, creative, caring defense of DWI cases within New York and New Jersey. When you contact us, we will provide a no-cost DWI Defense Strategy Session designed to help us identify the key strategies we can use to get the best possible outcome in your particular case. We will help you to understand the process and give you peace of mind on what you can expect. We will make sure all of your questions get answered and you leave the call with a real sense of the action plan for your case.

From DWI defense, refusal hearings, administrative hearings, car seizures, and DWI appeals; you can trust The Kugel Law Firm to help. We don’t judge you, we don’t lecture you, we defend you.

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"Rachel won my case with the DMV. Keeping me fully informed and explaining everything in regular terms I could understand from day one. But I still had the criminal court case in BK looming, and I could not have been more nervous. However, once I got there and saw her relationships and how she carried herself in the courtroom, I felt more confident and like I made a good choice. I went back a few times with Rachel trying to get me a good deal and negotiating w them and them pushing the date etc etc. End of story, I got All Charges Dropped and walked away with a minor moving violation. I COULD NOT BE MORE THRILLED!!!! I lived months so nervous about the whole thing and now everday I think of it and cannot believe that its all over, and that Rachel worked the magic she did and got me what she got me. If you have a DWI or Anything, do not hesitate and hire Rachel Kugel! She is confident, knows her stuff, and will go to the end fighting for you"

- Nicole, New York

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The Kugel Law Firm

Why Choose The Kugel Law Firm?

If you or someone you love has been charged with a DWI you need experienced and caring legal representation. Rachel Kugel and her team have devoted their careers to DWI defense.

The Kugel Law Firm team focus their careers on defending good people charged with Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol or Drugs. Rachel stays on the forefront of DWI Defense strategies and is a member of:

National College of DWI Defense
DUI Defense Lawyers Association
Scrambled Eggs Francis X. Moore Society (DWI Defense Attorney Membership Group)

Rachel has been invited to speak on DWI Defense and the business of Law by:

AVVO "Lawyernomics"
NJ Bar Association
Garden State CLE

We are also AVVO rated and have been named a Rising Star SuperLawyer for three years in a row — so you can have peace of mind that you are choosing a trusted, experienced lawyer when you choose The Kugel Law Firm.

Rachel Kugel
Rated by Super Lawyers

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"Rachel and her team are amazing. They are extremely reliable and compassionate.
With Rachel’s guidance and assistance I was able to have the case fully DISMISSED!!! I am so thankful and highly recommend her."

- Anonymous, New York

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Free DWI Defense Strategy Session

The Kugel Law Firm offers a no-cost one-on-one DWI Defense Strategy Session that is focused on identifying key components from the facts and circumstances of your specific case that will form the crucial elements that can form the defense in your case. We will discuss the law with you and make you aware of all of the possible penalties you are exposed to as well as use our years of experience to give you a sense of your best and worst case scenarios. You will spend the time discussing your situation and learning about the strategies regularly employed by our team to achieve the best outcome possible in your case. You can also take the time to have all of your questions answered and hopefully gain some peace of mind. The session can be conducted ASAP right over the phone. There is no need to wait days for an appointment or sit in traffic for hours on end. Our experienced team is ready to talk to you at your convenience.
Call now to schedule immediately: (NJ) 973-854-0098 or (NY) 212-372-7218 or book your free consultation below:

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"I would recommend Rachel to anyone. From day one she took my case and created a personalized action plan to resolve my situation quickly and affordably. Speak to Rachel for a couple of minutes and you can tell she genuinely cares about the people she represents, a nice luxury after speaking to 7 lawyers prior to her. Thanks again Rachel."

- Dan, New Jersey
Financial Help

Payment Plans

We understand that defending a DWI can pose an unexpected expense. At The Kugel Law Firm, we work hard to minimize the impact that facing a DWI can have on your life — including the financial impact. We will work with you to develop a payment plan that you can live with. We accept credit cards and check by phone for your convenience.
Call us today to discuss: (NJ) 973-854-0098 or (NY) 212-372-7218


Meet Rachel Kugel

Lawyer and founder of the Kugel Law Firm, Rachel has always wanted to make a difference in people's lives. Rachel is a criminal defense attorney focusing on DWI cases both in New York and New Jersey. Having defended hundreds of people on charges related to driving under the influence, it's no wonder that when the media needs an expert, they call her. Rachel is a regular guest on CNN, FOX News, CourtTV, MSNBC, HLN, and many others.

A lawyer that believes that her clients are good people who deserve the best defense possible, she will stand up for individual rights and hold the State to their obligations.

When she's not zealously defending her clients in court, Rachel gives back to the community by bringing "Mock Trial" programs to middle school students.

If you would like to find out more about Rachel you can see Rachel in the media.

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"Rachel is a fantastic lawyer and was help to help resolve my DUI with the best possible outcome. She explained everything to me in detail to help me understand all of my options. Additionally Linda in her office was always extremely responsive and helpful and they were just a pleasure to work with! I am very happy with the outcome of my case and would recommend Rachel's services to anyone who needs them!"

- Jennifer, New York